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Online Classes

  • Schedule for Online Classes is:
    • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
    • 10:00 am - 11:00 am EST
    Email Darlene to book your preferred time slot, subject to availability.
  • Need a different schedule? Email Darlene to enquire if a special arrangement can be made.
  • Online Classes are available for groups or one-on-one sessions. Minimum purchase is a package of five one-hour lessons:
    • Group Classes: $50.00 per hour per person = $250.00 per person for 5 weeks
    • Individuals: $65.00 per hour = $325.00 for 5 weeks
  • Payment is made by etransfer prior to the first lesson.
  • Lessons are subject to HST of 13%
  • Online Group Class
  • Online Group Class

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