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In January of 2024 Darlene's piece "Poppy Stealing Pigeon" won the Crystal Award in the "Colourful" competition held by Gallery Ring.

Read the Story that inspired the artwork.

Poppy Stealing Pigeon
Poppy Stealing Pigeon
Poppy Stealing Pigeon

In October of 2023 Darlene won the "Best In Show" Award for her entry "Siblings" in the "Nature" competition held by Gallery Ring. She writes: "I try to become a part of each image as it develops and comes to life on the page. It's like reading a really good book; you just don't want it to be finished. I deliberately pick images with as much intricate detail as possible.


This allows me to go further into the image and lets me stay there longer. My objective with every piece is to make it as realistic as possible, using the meticulous details to bring the message alive." Best in Show Certificate

In January of 2023 Darlene's piece "The Lornewood Mansion" was chosen to participate in Artbox.Projects New York 2.0.

It was displayed at NYC Artexpo in Manhattan, New York from April 17 - April 26, 2023.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Hiding in Plain Sight

In July of 2023 Darlene won the Crystal Award for her entry "Hiding in Plain Sight" in the "Pastel and Coloured Pencil" competition held by Gallery Ring.

Crystal Certificate

July 2023: Both of Darlene's entries won the Crystal Award for her entry "Neighbourhood Watch" in the "Pastel and Coloured Pencil" competition held by Gallery Ring.

Crystal Certificate
Neighbourhood Watch


In October of 2022 Darlene won the Crystal Award for her entry "Charlie" in the "Animals" competition held by Gallery Ring.

Certificate of Merit

ArtComp22 Update

September 18, 2022 Darlene posted: "Thank you to all of you who voted for me. Thanks to your efforts I made it to be a finalist. This is a massive honour. Congratulations to Lara Denise Almagro who was the winner of this amazing competition. I hope to make it in next year and I'll be back asking for your support again."

September 05, 2022 Events Manager Angela Rivard emailed: "Congratulations on making the top 10 [in the People's Choice category] From 900 entries, your art piece has made it to the top! Compelling, moving, and drawing people in for 100 days at 100 Kellogg Lane. You should be so proud!"

Darlene's artwork "The Homestead" was chosen as one of 100 pieces (from 900 entries)  in the first annual Art Comp Exhibition held at 100 Kellogg Lane in London, Ontario.

The exhibition runs from May 28 – September 4, 2022. Register to Vote online for the People's Choice Award.

Description: a 5th generation farmhouse and yard with the barns in the background, maple trees in the foreground.

Size: 38.5" x 25"

Medium: graphite pencil on smooth 100lb drawing paper,

Darlene posing with The Homestead at ArtComp

"Best in Show" for "Dexter" in Gallery Ring's June 2022 competition themed "Alive".

JUROR'S COMMENTS: "DEXTER is a portrait of a king. The trunk containing the bejeweled crown, velvet robe and glistening sceptre, however, was marked as unnecessary and consequently canceled and returned. These flashy accessories would interrupt the freedom of the luscious coat of fur and would destroy the portrait's quiet power and grace. Instead the soft touch and neutral colour, the elegant pose in profile, the absent background, the mound of glorious fur in place of cascading ringlets and even the oval silhouette of the subject allude to a delicate, Victorian cameo brooch fit for a lace collar. The omission of an extraneous tail or paw or two allows the composition to escape with minimal interference and results in the look of a floating, classical bust which easily elevates the unusual monarch to majestic stature. King "Dexter" is too preoccupied with the serious matters of ruling his cat kingdom to take notice of the exceptional skill and artistic ability that were required to capture his handsome likeness and pensive countenance in this deluxe and breathtaking artwork."

Dexter, Best in Show


In March of 2022 Darlene won an Award of Merit for her entry "Dreaming" in the "Anything" competition held by Gallery Ring.

Certificate of Merit

In March of 2022 Darlene won the Sapphire Award for her entry "Ariel" in a Pastel and Coloured Pencil competition held by Gallery Ring, an international online juried art exhibition.

Sapphire Award Certificate Sapphire Award

Darlene Hartung's artwork on display in Zurich

Artbox World 2.0: Darlene's artwork was displayed on the Artsy.net website and at the Urbanside Gallery in Zurich, Switzerland from February 1 - March 4, 2022. Also shown hanging in the home of the purchaser.

Darlene's artwork "Barn Owl" was chosen for the cover of "Re-emergence: New Work by Artists of Halton Hills", an exhibition currently on view at the Helson Gallery in Georgetown.

Barn Owl is also on display in this show running from September 22 – November 14, 2021.

In September of 2020 her piece called "Feather" was included in the Helson Gallery's "Creative Outlets" exhibition.

Cover of the Helson Gallery brochure

Hamilton Halton Brant, Stay Tripping in the Heart of Ontario, Stay and Play PERKS card

An Artist For Hire is participating in the "Stay and Play PERKS" programme offered until November 30th, 2021.

This promotion comes from Travel and Tourism Ontario's www.TheHeartOfOntario.com and "www.DestinationOntario.com divisions.

The Williams Mill Creative Artists Studio is located in the Hamilton Halton Brant collection of communities, visit the website at www.StayTripping.ca for more information about this project and other local attractions for visitors.

Darlene is offering a 2½ hour private drawing lesson for two.

An Artist For Hire on the HHB website

Halton Hills Artist Darlene Hartung

Darlene was interviewed for an article published August 30, 2021 in the Independent Free Press (IFP.ca)

“COVID-19 has caused significant hardship for our small businesses,” said Halton Hills Mayor Rick Bonnette. “Enhanced online tools are critical to assisting our businesses in interacting with their customers and to generate and maintain much-needed revenue.”

Read the article online or download in PDF

Darlene Hartung's artwork on display in Zurich

As a semi-finalist Darlene's artwork was displayed at the Artbox Project show in Zurich, Switzerland from August 25-29/21.

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