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"You are so talented! wow!!! I just had to write you to share I not only love the drawing you did of Duncan but, every time I look at it I love it even more! Initially I was a little worried a pencil drawing may not be able to capture Duncan like the photos I had however, it became apparent to me from your early sketches and the very lifelike way you captured, his eyes to the softness of his fur that you had captured Duncan in such a unique way that no photo has.

I very much feel when I look at the drawing that I am looking at him. You captured his presence unlike any photo could. When I look at the drawing I feel like I am looking at him, it brings me joy. I will treasure always. Thank you, Darlene for all the care you put into Duncan! I couldn't have asked for a more meaningful gift for my milestone birthday!"


"They [re: two gifted drawings] are delighted and so am I. Thank you for making their birthday gifts exceptionally meaningful and original for their big birthdays. We couldn't be happier!"

Lorna S.

"I just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with the drawing of Teddy .... you have absolutely captured him ! I couldn’t be happier ! You really are so extremely gifted !!! I hope to give the picture to my Victoria and her partner in the next few days and then when retailers open up again we can go together to have this beautiful piece framed. I will certainly let you know their reaction when I gift it to them.

I can not wait for you to draw my Moose. ❤️ I have more pictures on my phone of him than I do my kids !!! Lol ! It will take me some time for me to go through all of them ! So, thank you again Darlene , with my whole heart."

Kim A-P.

"Oh, ....my ....fehking ....gods!!!!! Sorry, it is hard to type what my reaction was, but I hope you got that sheer disbelief. I cannot believe how awesome that looks!!!!! Someone will cry; I swear it might not be me!"

Skytree S.

"My goodness it looks even better in person than it did on photograph. Darlene, I must truly say, I really thank you for doing this for me… detail in your drawing is amazing, and thank you."

Franklin B.

"Darlene… we loved the picture you did… I just want to say THANK YOU so much. I wish you and all of your family a very HAPPY NEW YEAR… may everything that you wish for happen for you."

Darryl C.

"Please accept our sincere thanks for your very thoughtful gift. What a great idea! The drawing of our home is marvelous in every respect. It has been framed and now hangs in a very conspicuous spot. Please advise the artist how much we appreciate her work."

Rod C.

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