Clients have written to say:

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your donation to The Lions Foundation of Canada dog guides. I really appreciate your talent and time in drawing the picture of Sloan, it just looks like she looking at me.

You are a kind and thoughtful person, I'll cherish this picture forever."
Susan F.

"It was a pleasure working with Darlene as she created the beautiful keepsake drawing of our beloved Harley. She was able to use a photo of our dog who had passed a few years earlier, and make him come to life on paper.

The beautiful pencil drawing now hangs in a prominent spot in our family room, where often people ask about the talented artist that produced the work. We love to tell people about Darlene, and how she worked so well with us that we now have several pieces of her work in our home.

We will always cherish the drawing, the memories that it evokes and the special talent that created it for us. Thanks, Darlene!"
Michelle L.

Darlene creates a unique gift of lasting memory when snapshots from a photo album become artwork on the wall. It's not expensive… get in touch today!